10 Family Smith

I drove to San Fernando by bus.

Margie lives together with her brother and her daughter Daisy in an approx. 12 square meters big lot.

A big advantage for them was the toilet in the house. Margie Daisy and the brother share the big bamboo bed, I had my airbed.
The kitchen is only featured with a depositing rack and a gas cooker.
They don`t have an air condition, although the temperature on average is 31 degrees celsius.
Margie works as caregiver and her brother as an security agent, Daisy visited fifth grade.

The stores are usually open for twelve hours, the shop assistants only get three to five € a day. In addition, the shops are protected with security agents.
You often wake up when the trycles start working on five o`clock.

I shortly introduced people to Facebook in the internet cafe.

Protecting from the leaded air, the people use a kind of mask.
Looking for a recreation from fetid odor and riot, I went to the beach on Subic Bay. We started at the busterminal with a Van containing 19 persons.


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