9 Mandaluyong English

At the Manila Airport I was expected from Sandy with her taxi-driver Manni.
I also made the acquaintance of her new housemaid Joan, who had traveled with me from Zamboanga.Sandy lived in a penthouse and ceded me her bedroom . She slept with her new housemaid in a room.I was invited to dinner. She had cooked a fish. Unusually for me: both ate with their hands.From her penthouse I had a nice overview on Makiti and Quezon city.
With her taxi-driver Manny we went to Asia Mall.One of the largest shopping malls in the world.From a bridge that led directly from the shopping mall to Manila Bay there was offered bungee jumping. In addition, there was a pantomime and music bands were playing on the beach.
I wanted to stretch my legs, so I made a little walk through the village. The next day, I spent several hours with the taxi-driver Manni.His work began early in the morning at 5 o’clock and at 22.00 o’clock his drives ended.For instance he drove me to the port of Manila Bay, where many homeless people were looking for a place to sleep.On the roadside a young man tried to boil his soup.There were lot of retailers on the roads, who wanted to sell hats, sunglasses, beds etc.After 3 days, I took leave of Sandy and Joan. Manni took me to the bus terminal and I went to San Fernando to visit the Smith family.


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